The organizational structure of our company is based on international standards. It is based on the functional type and focuses on the responsibility and effectiveness of each of our partners. The organization chart of our company consists of three directions, with well-trained and long-experienced scientists in charge.

  • Production planning direction. The duties of the production planning direction are the planning, the model design, depending on the embroidery or the prints onto the most appropriate fabrics, the development of new technologies, as well as ensuring the perfect quality and elegance of our products, in combination with attractive prices.
  • Marketing direction. Imports, sales and marketing based on a geographical distribution lie under the duties of the marketing direction. For the quickest possible customer service, there are six experienced salesmen for every collection (six for IN TIME and six for ENERGIERS). What is more, the storage and distribution of our products and the collection of due accounts fall under the duties of this direction.
  • Financial direction. The duties of the financing direction are the general and analytical accounting, the financial procedures, the bank transactions, the computerized processing and management of the working staff.