The societe anonyme under the name "BANKING INFORMATION SYSTEMS SA" and the distinctive title "TIRESIAS SA" (controller), based in Maroussi, Attica, Alamanas Street no. 2 and Premer, (ATHEX FAE 094498725) (hereinafter referred to as "Tiresias") informs you that it keeps records of data economic behavior, including the Liability Complaint System and the Mortgage System & amp; Footer ('Archive'), in which high-index information is posted objectivity and provide information on the solvency of the data subjects as well as for the tangible burden of their real estate.

In the above context and for the purpose of evaluating or reassessing the underlying transaction, credit risk, business risk, but also the provision of good and up-to-date information on economic behavior of subjects in general to ensure the commercial loyalty, reliability and security of transactions and ultimately the exercise of economic entitlement the freedom of entrepreneurs, electronic access through the "Teresias" system is provided Risk Control System "(hereinafter referred to as the" CSEK System "), to traders (natural and legal persons) on the following data in the File: a) unsecured checks; b) unpaid bills of exchange expired; and promissory notes, c) bankruptcy petitions - decisions rejecting bankruptcy petitions due to inadequacy the debtor's assets; (d) requests and conciliation / settlement decisions (No. 99 on the Insolvency Code), e) bankruptcy proceedings, f) payment orders & amp; lease orders, g) mobile auctions & amp; (h) mortgages, mortgages and mortgage prefixes, i) foreclosures of real estate and check registrations under ND 1923, (j) applications and decisions for the settlement of debts (Law 3869/2010), as well as company data from Gov. & amp; FEMALE.

Sources of the above data - both for those already collected and for what will be collected in the future- are credit and financial institutions, Land Registry / Land Offices and County courts / Prosecutor's Offices throughout the country, as well as Gov. & amp; GEMI. The data is retained in the Archive and transmitted through the above CSEK system for the duration of as defined in Article 40 of Law 3259/2004, as applicable.

The recipient of the CSEK system data is the company named ENERGIERS AS address headquarters RIGA FERAIO 21 ΕΥΚΑΡΠΙΑ, Φ.Δ.Α. 099772824 with which you trade, after previous connection ( (hereinafter referred to as "business"). Data is provided to the business for its own use, not for resale or further disposal, and they are maintained by the end of each transaction under which they are drawn. If you connect to the company with a fixed or indefinite contract, the above data will be available to it for as long as this contract applies, at the option and under the responsibility of the enterprise, otherwise it will be available in the framework of specific transaction.

You have the right of access, information, objection and judicial protection, in accordance with Law 2472/1997, which you can use at the offices of the citizens of Tiresias, at 1, Alamanas Street, 151 25 Maroussi. Your right of access and any objection to this access may be made in writing, to the aforementioned undertaking, which acts as agent of Tiresia in this case. In the event of a right of objection, the company is immediately required to discontinue access to